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Your Voice Matters: Demand Answers to Missing $4 Million

Transfer Statiion Update and Overview rev 9c
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In 2015, Marblehead Town Meeting voted to build a new Transfer Station Building. This was subject to a Town Meeting vote (Article 34 $5.75 Million) and a Town Wide Ballot Question.

In 2017, bond funding was obtained for the building. In 2021, after years of silence, the Marblehead Board of Health (BOH) has stated only $1.25 million remains and the building will not be built. They have refused to specifically state where the money was spent. At this point, it not only appears the BOH misappropriated over $4 Million, they have completely undermined the core democracy of Marblehead – Town Meeting. The taxpayers and voters disserve to understand how and why the BOH decided not to follow the mandate of the voters. And who will now pay for the Building voted for and funded by taxpayers? Read the attached slide deck for details.

In a recent LTE (Letter to Editor) in the Marblehead Reporter, citizen Jim Zisson asserts to leadership and the community that the Board of Health needs to supply a complete accounting for where the money was spent and under what authority funds were allocated. You will notice that media coverage on this been lacking. Leadership silent. We predict a toxic level of positive and "sleight of hand" media posts as this escalates. And it will escalate. As a source of Power, collective Power: What will YOU do?

Call to Action:

  1. Follow the money. Attend meetings. Ask questions. Monitor the Public Meeting Calendar.

  2. Follow us on Facebook (there are requirements to Join) and signup for our Newsletters

  3. Vote. Vote. Vote. Your VOICE MATTERS.

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