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Get Involved: Town Meeting

Town Meeting is our legislative branch of government. Little is known or available about the tactical and strategical planning required to be an active participant in Town Meeting. It is daunting, but an adrenaline rush! 2021 Town Meeting was our first experience in bringing forth citizen sponsored legislation. Every year a lesson is taught, more People want to be involved and an obstacle is overcome. There are a myriad of ways to Get Involved:


Be a Commissioner

We always appreciates the generosity, creativity and involvement of people like you. By partnering with us, you share a vision that includes a higher voter turnout and civic engagement. Each year we build a Town Meeting Commission to evaluate and plan for Town Meeting.


Show Your Support

Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Speak at Town Meeting.. We will be hosting several practice sessions between January and May. Subscribe to get notified!


If Public Speaking is a bit daunting, a) write to the Sponsors of the Articles and ask questions and feedback and b) help us Educate the Community about Town Warrant, Articles and weaving "why it matters" into your conversations. 

Here's free download for you: "Tips & Tricks to Public Speaking". Show support for our Sponsored Articles


Amplify Your Power

This is one of the simplest ways and most impactful ways to help our community. Write to ten (10) friends or neighbors. Ask them to commit to Voting. Invite those 10 friends to invite their 10 friends....

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