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Business Team

Community Impact

Beyond Buzzwords, Beyond Awareness

Review Systems, Policies & Structures

We are kicking-off a multi-year Initiative to normalize   public discourse and solution oriented discussions around the systems, policies and structures in place; We invite each of you to think critically - beyond awareness - and evaluate how these systems have not only sustained apathy, and inequity...but also have inflicted harm. The community at large will be invited to embrace a collective responsibility for actions to liberate us as we embrace the power of possibility. 

People Power + Love of Community = Substantive Change

Our biggest impact has been getting people out of silos, building bridges - to understand how to work with, for, and next to each other– focusing on our points of unity. We have met and worked with the most amazing humans! 


  • Defying societal norms to engage in the messiness of representative democracy aka pissing off the patriarchy

  • Connecting & Convening to ensure accessibility to decision making, resources and leadership opportunities  

  • Expanding the definition of "community love/pride" to include uncomfortable truths, conflict resolution which lead to equitable outcomes and the rejection of binary thinking

  • Mobilizing Voters to set the legislative agenda for Town Meeting

  • Maintaining year round engagement

  • Setting new standards in leadership

  • Denouncing hate and violence

  • Challenging systemic issues, and the obstructionists, threatened by any power shift

  • Creating on-ramps for those who are rooted in love, to build on their new awareness

  • Partnering with town leaders, anti-violence professionals ad community members to build a System of Care for those experiencing/have survived domestic and sexual violence


  • Established a radical Civic Engagement Model for transformative change

  • Introduced innovative programming for Town Meeting and Town Elections

  • Motivated 30 New Candidates to run, including PowerUP Leaders

  • Created a space for those historically underrepresented to believe in their right to run for office, be heard, dissent and lead

  • Shattered Voter turnout records

  • Spurred launch of a Media outlet

  • Flipped the majorities of governing Boards

  • Altered Boards’ power ranking

  • Sponsored 12 and passed 9 pieces of Citizen Legislation to codify diversity, transparency, accessibility, equity, and accountability

  • Collaborated with allied organizations and faith leaders to denounce 20+ incidents of hate and violence

Staying Focused

Dismantling policies, systems and structures in order to reimagine and redefine community is fraught with pure joy and infuriating obstacles. The complexity is multiplied because there are loopholes, known only to the status quo. This process of diminishing impact or ignoring your existence is effective - the "goal posts" are made unattainable and the rules are always changed, "legally". It has been quite the journey and every day we learn and unlearn that which does not serve us.

There are NO regrets. This is our calling.

However, it is contrary to our movement to be inauthentic or misleading. Some of the most unlikely supporters, will hear your message and become fierce accomplices. Some of those who loudly claim "ally", will be offended by you. Leadership tactics include: Patronization, and the concept there is only "one right way" and the current leaders are the the only one who know the "right" way. Binary thinking, reducing the complexities of governance into "right or wrong" and "all or nothing". Fear of open conflict, and equating disagreements into "personal attacks" and/or being overly defensive at the presentation of a differing view. Fear - fear of retaliation. Shockingly, the most unnerving bit is the tacit acceptance of "normal" is wrapped up in one or all of the -isms even by fellow whi.te women. You absolutely MUST shake this off and continue on your journey. You must.

Lifting Our Voice
"Your Silence will not protect you." - Audre Lorde

We definitely are not silent, but in general we find true record keeping to be elusive. We appreciate the media coverage we have had. However, as history has proven the true impact of fiercely outspoken women and anyone who challenges the status quo, will not be recognized. 

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