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Media Coverage

Recordkeeping of New Perspectives

We are motivated by our profound Impact since 2021, and grateful for our  indomitable good-troublemakers. Our PowerUP01945 Events and media campaign built an unsurpassed energy around Marblehead Town Meeting and Town Elections. The local media coverage further amplified the heightened awareness of issues, candidates, and voting. Unfortunately, 3 years later and local media coverage has been a fickle accomplice at best.  Our response has been creating our own "For the Record" programming when the unbiased information is spread or stories without context are causing divisiveness. Town Meeting and Elections are nothing short of a loud, emphatic #PowerToThePeople - BECAUSE People are informed and use critical thinking. Not because they are told what to believe. We will continue to create change by finding shared purposes, lifting our voices unapologetically, and believing in our collective #Power. ​We will continue to record our impact, and look forward to finding more ways for you to #GetInvolved!

Lifting Our Voice
"Your Silence will not protect you." - Audre Lorde

“How many swastikas do we have to have before we are completely consumed by outrage and wanting substantive change?” said Megan Sweeney, cofounder of the Power-UP coalition in Marblehead. “We cannot be perpetually reactive.”

PowerUP! March 2021

After months of swimming through ambiguity, obstacles and subterfuge, we transitioned to an organized existence. This is our first Letter to the Editor in the Marblehead Reporter (now defunct local paper)

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Speaking Out Against Hate February 2021

“I think the unknowns, the 18 months that somebody knew the event took place and it took so long to get to the chief. involved is worrisome,” said Megan Sweeney. Sweeney wondered if an existing institutional environment prevented the incident from coming to light sooner.

Image by Greyson Joralemon

Speaking Out Against Hate September 2021

“Dialogue, education, and accountability are effective tools in combating hate,” said Megan Sweeney, cofounder of the PowerUP Coalition, a diverse group which promotes increased civic engagement in town. “Marblehead’s acknowledgement of the legacy of trauma hate crimes inflict is a first step in an ongoing process.” -

Image by Tim Marshall

Speaking Out Against Hate January 2021

“It is incomprehensible why the investigation has not been completed/results released. Our community has been left wondering and worrying for too long. Our police department reputation damaged whilst a shadow of white supremacy looms overhead.” -Megan Sweeney, cofounder of the PowerUP coalition.

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PowerUP! 6 Months Old

"Since our introduction, many have tried to define us from the confines of what exists - sometimes through an "us vs. them" lens. It has initiated many conversations and we are truly grateful - Democracy is, after all, a continuous dialogue."

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Standing Up at Town Meeting May 2021

"If you think an affluent and generally liberal community like Marblehead isn’t a place where you’d find racially insensitive remarks said at a public meeting, think again. At the annual town meeting May 3, residents voted on a matter concerning changing the name of a pond and conservation area." 

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