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Reflections: Our 2022 Impact

We are so proud and grateful for all of you, the tenacious candidates and the dauntless campaign volunteers. This is only #powerup01945 's second election cycle and we have driven immense progress. Part of what oppressive systems perpetuate is the belief that we don’t have any power. Shake off complacency! We are here and have successfully challenged the ubiquitous ways that these systems sustain inequity and  apathy. Thank you for being here. The work will continue. 

Team, as we settle into the new leadership, we see value in reflection of all that has transpired. #PowerUP! has fulfilled its mission of being a platform for new ideas, new candidates and for newly engaged community members. We are immeasurably proud of the progress:

  • 2 Steering Committee Members sought/were awarded Appointment to town boards.

  • A Steering Committee Member ran a dynamic campaign for State House Representative.

  • Executive Council Member launched a municipal-focused news media platform, Marblehead Beacon. In only 6 monthts she has made it to the cover of the Boston Globe. 

  • Unprecedented Voter Turnout. For 2 elections, polling stations have reported being short on ballots. This year, all precincts ran run out by 6:00PM, ballots had to be counted by hand and a recount was demanded.

  • Volunteers are stepping up. There were 6 contested races - some against long tenured incumbents. We were there for them.

  • Candidates - including incumbents - had to solidify their platforms and prove their worthiness to Voters. New candidates brought fresh perspectives and a new energy.

  • We the People changed the ranking in town leadership. There is a new chair on the Select Board and the past chair almost lost the election all together. New candidates prevailed against longtime incumbents by campaigning on new ideas. New Members Noonan and Singer topped the ticket by prioritizing transparency, accountability and process. 

  • Record setting Voter Engagement. Community members were able to make informed decisions and ask questions based on authentic conversations with candidates. 100 People attended our forums and 1000 people watched the recording.

We built on our strengths, and differences to understand how to work with, for, and next to each other to reinvent our Community. 2023 will be even bigger, brighter and impactful because of all of YOU.

Thank you!

Image by Green Chameleon


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