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Harness Your Superpower

Civic Engagement is the key to our future. We are thrilled that you want to get involved with our work here at PowerUP - it starts with an education on our governance and power structures.  There are numerous ways for you to educate yourself - we truly appreciate each and every effort! With a small amount of time and direction, you’ll not only be a valuable part of our intentional efforts, but you will see how to make an impact and deepen your understanding of our democracy - what works, what needs change.

Together we will build an infrastructure of support for new ideas, new norms, and new candidates. We have proven that once People see the importance of their role in democracy, witness the exclusiveness to power and the frustration in overly complex solutions, they are impelled to lift their voices....and become our partner and sometimes a candidate (elected and appointed). See below for details...


Set New Accountability Standards

Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Pick a Board to monitor:

Select, Harbors/Waters, Health, Finance, School and/or the "Work Group" created for our Town Warrant Article 44 Open & Accessible Meetings. identify their priorities and plans. It is not as easy as you would think. Email addresses are not available, the members are not used to engagement, meetings are randomly posted, the website is cumbersome, Minutes are impossibly vague BUT, do it. Insist on a way to be heard, attend meetings, use Public Comment to ask questions & expect responses.


Rights & Responsibilities

Next, gain a working knowledge of your rights, the responsibilities of the Board/Committee, Open Meeting Laws and governing documents/standard operating procedures. It is not as easy as you would think, BUT do it. Be empowered with knowledge. Once you have an understanding of what is, then you will know what should be. Connect with us and together we will Identify, Evaluate, and if necessary, Propose changes to the systems, policies and power structures that you now see sustain inequity or promote apathy.


Amplify Our Message

Feeling overwhelmed? We hear you. Focus on our shared vision of a community. One which prioritizes transparency, accountability and civic engagement. Feel it? Good. Now share that message with your own personal networks of family, friends and neighbors. By leaning into these individual networks we tap into our collective power. You now have a deeper understanding and can educate others. From here, we create opportunities to build alliances, amplify our message and connect resources to community needs. Email us for details.   


Happy Friends Laughing

Join Our Team of Visionaries

There are many ways to be involved with us. All positions are volunteer and have flexible time commitments based on your availability. No experience necessary! Lead organizers are available to mentor, collaborate and support you. If you step up, we will be there - as a grassroots organization, we collaborate on every project. We see value in rotating roles and responsibilities to avoid creating a hierarchical structure. 

If you have a sense of humor, with communication, organizational and technical skills; a collaborative spirit with an openness to listen to perspectives historically underrepresented; the flexibility to dedicate time with the ability to meet deadlines; and have a passion for change with a fierce, unapologetic attitude, this is the opportunity for you!

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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